King's Dream: Barack Obama Becomes President of the United States of America
Brief quotations from news stories and other accounts are threaded together in our book to tell a unique story of the 2008 election.
The editors of the book took great care to reproduce the quotations accurately (including misspellings, grammatical or punctuation errors) and to fully credit the authors and sources of each item quoted.
In the book, an informal attribution at the end of each quote shows the name of the article, the writer, and the source where we first retrieved the item. 
At the bottom of this page, we are providing a public link to a pdf document that contains a complete list of formal Endnotes using a version of MLA style. Each quotation that appears in our book is cited in the Endnotes in chronological order in the month in which it appears. 
The Endnotes contain web links that may or may not still exist on the Internet. 
Please contact us for additional information.

Editors' Statement Regarding the Endnotes:
The editors created and saved PDF files of articles accessed from the Internet, email, and text messages throughout the years 2007 and 2008 and during preparation of this book. Quotations that appear in the book were extracted from those PDF files.
In the endnotes that appear on this website, we include links to the web pages for each article collected. However, the editors have observed the following regarding some current web links, compared to the PDF files we collected during the research phase of this book:
In some instances, the source website appended, clarified, updated and/or and re-titled articles after the originals were posted.
Some web pages now display a creation date different than the original.
Some web pages were available online before the date displayed in the article.
Some web pages display dates that are not accurate as evidenced by the PDF content we collected. This likely occurred during the sources' archiving process.
Some bylines were removed after the original article was posted to the web.
Some archived web pages are now pay-to-view, but were accessed from free websites at the time of collection.
Depending on time of access, some web links may have been moved by the source or may no longer be active at this time.

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